Axiline VBT 8000

Valve Body Test Stand

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The innovative Axiline® VBT 8000 by SuperFlow® sets the standard for testing today’s advanced valve bodies, now including Mechatronic valve bodies. Its revolutionary design and industry leading software and data acquisition packages also give it the ability to test individual solenoids or solenoid packs; an industry first. No other system on the market can match its features, specifications, available applications or benefits to you, the customer.

By simulating the toughest driving conditions using the same regulated pressure and heated oil as seen under normal operating conditions, the Axiline® VBT 8000 accurately and efficiently confirms your rebuild. It also allows you to fine tune the valve body to your specifications by adjusting the duty cycles and frequency ranges of each individual solenoid. This ensures fewer come backs and reduced testing time once the valve body is installed in the transmission, saving you time and money. Equipped with either the standard SuperShifter Pro® software system or the advanced WinDyn® Data Acquisition and Control system the VBT 8000 meets the demands and budgets of the single bay transmission repair shop and high-volume OEM contractors alike.

SuperFlow’s innovative WinDyn CAN Control (WCC) system adds optional Mechatronic control to the VBT 8000. WCC simulates the vehicle’s CAN network so the TCM can make shift decisions like it would in the vehicle rather than following along to a replay of driving data. What this means is the mechatronic will react to the input torque and throttle position set by the operator or automated test sequence and vary the shift points accordingly. This is a much more complete way to test the transmission and it will ensure your comeback rate drops quickly.

The available adapter plates (116 in total) give the VBT 8000 a staggering 50 more applications that its closest competitor, plus, we’re constantly designing new plates to meet current demand. Its compact size (nearly half that of some competing models) and easy portability coupled with Axiline’s® legendary reputation for transmission testing excellence has made the Axiline® VBT 8000 the only choice among professional transmission rebuilders all over the world.

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