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The control console is the main interface between the operator and the entire engine test cell environment. Front and center on the console is a touch screen where operators select the type of test and enter parameters like starting and ending speeds. When the test is active on screen prompts guide the operator through the test.

Three manual control modes are available using the control know mounted in the console. This controller allows manual control to torque, RPM or percentage of load which keep operators in control during break in and warm up routines and when an automated test profile is not activated.

The engine control panel in the center of the console provides the operator with four relays to control ignition, fuel pump, starter and one auxiliary button commonly used for electric water pumps. Four more relays could be added to the console for additional control functionality.

Six rocker switches in both upper corners of the console are used to wire in test cell equipment like lights, pumps, fans and heaters so you never have to leave the console to start up or shut down the test cell. A 30ft. wiring harness with mating connector to the console and schematic is included to wire in your test cell equipment.

Lower right on the console is a keyed power switch to power off and lock-out the dynamometer at the end of a shift and the large E-stop button will shut down the entire operation in case of emergency.

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