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Volume remanufacturing requires the highest level of throughput so TCRS® offers the dual gun welder for maximum productivity. It features two Miller® Invision™ 352 MPa power supplies and two 74 Series wire feeders for double the output rate of the single gun welder. Automatic torch indexing sets the welding torches in place, 180 degrees from each other, a time saving feature for high output converter shops. Like the single gun, the dual gun welder automates the critical phases of precision alignment and seamless welding of remanufactured torque converters. Air-operated collets along with patented auto-tack and auto-weld functions come standard and, like the single gun welder, it performs bowl build ups and can weld impeller hubs and ring gears. Like all TCRS® products, precision aligned fixtures and spindles ensure unmatched accuracy while proven manufacturing practices produce a rugged and reliable machine built for years of service.

TAC-12D Included

The included TAC-12D digital control panel lets you determine the number (4,6,8,12) and duration (50-3000 milliseconds) of each tack weld and also controls both the auto-tack and auto-weld cycles. JOG control rotates the table without welding and LCD display shows tack time, table speed and counts along with the ability to edit all control settings. The TAC-12D is available as a retrofit to existing single & dual gun welders. 


  • Miller® brand components, using the Invision™ 352 MPa power supply and 74 Series MPa wire feeder.
  • Stress relieved and precision machined turntable with floating bronze ground and is fully adjustable on all axes for easy, precision alignment.
  • Collet is assembled from tool steel and precision-ground. Precision machined DELRIN® hub bushing assures hub protection and repeatable performance. Air-operated collet; “buckable” for easy precision-alignment.
  • All steel and precision-aligned fixture body
  • Power-coated blue finish
  • Tooling Kit included
  • TAC-12D included

Product Specifications

(H x W x D)
87 x 56 x 36 in (221 x 142 x 91 cm)
Weight 1,925 lb (872 kg)
Electrical Turntable drive motor requires 110 v single phase, 50 or 60 hz. Welder power supply runs on single phase or three phase, from 200v to 575v.
Air Requirements Standard shop air, 100 – 120 psi (690 – 828 kPa)
Drive Motor 1,087 lb-in (122.8 Nm) of torque with an insulated coupler.

Product Options

Product Options



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