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Hicklin heavy-duty transmission shift consoles are designed for service centers who need the ability to control and test heavy duty transmissions, flash transmission control modules (TCMs), code Calibration ID Numbers (CIN) and perform diagnostics on the TCM using OEM software and controls. Shift consoles can be used in conjunction with a Hicklin transmission dynamometer or as a standalone unit to exercise the transmission on a bench or in a vehicle. Each console has the ability to hold multiple TCMs, as many as four depending on the model.

The roll-around control console is a self-contained cabinet that holds the interface components found in a typical vehicle installation. The TCM connector is easily accessed through the hinged, self-latching lid.  The 20-foot main connector harness connects the console to the transmission. A diagnostic cable connector is provided on every cable harness that allows technicians to code the Calibration ID Number (CIN) and interrogate the console TCM for troubleshooting the transmission under test.


  • Operates transmission on any test stand or dynamometer
  • Provides bays for up to four TCMs (depending on the model)
  • Includes all required wire harnesses and transmission connectors
  • Harnesses have Diagnostic Tool Connector to support OEM transmission diagnostics software
  • Includes push-button shift selector and throttle position control

Hicklin has developed a range of applications including those for Allison, Voith, ZF and Renk transmissions. See the complete range below and call SuperFlow at 888.442.5546 for more information on the Hicklin Heavy Duty Transmission Shift Consoles.

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