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Data Acquisition & Control

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PowerNet AX utilizes a Windows-based computerized data acquisition system to monitor and record speeds, torque, pressures, temperatures, flow rates and shift events. Beyond these advanced monitoring and recording capabilities, this system allows users to run automated test procedures guaranteed consistent repeatability over time and providing a record of performance parameters over time. The interface is easily configurable with customizable set-points, high/low limits, and generated reports.

What set’s PowerNet AX apart, though, is its advanced ASC Controller add-on designed to control electronically shifted transmission or valve bodies. What previously required an auxiliary shift console, can now be accomplished through your system-mounted data acquisition console eliminating costs, floor-space, and promoting ease of use for your operating technicians.

All PowerNet data acquisition and control software is built with non-proprietary components ensuring that replacement parts are readily available and affordable. Users are also able to expand their hardware as required with additional pressure and temperature sensors available for the most comprehensive testing scenarios.

All channels are easily configured for sensor name, units and alarm values using intuitive pull-down menus. Users can configure these channels as they see fit, with options to display, record, save and print all sensor parameters, outputs, and calculations. All told the options available in PowerNet AX present the most feature-rich, user-friendly transmission testing platform on the market.


  • Windows-based PC, monitor and printer
  • PowerNet TD Controller
  • Ethernet connection from data acquisition to computer
  • Pressure ranges vary based on placement
  • Thermocouple type K with extension cables and fittings
  • (12) Twelve – Pressure transducers (separate channels)
  • (4) Four – Temperature sensors (separate channels)
  • (2) Two – Magnetic speed sensors for input and output RPM measurement
  • (1) One – Flow meter input to interface
  • 12 Month Warranty on Materials and Workmanship
  • Dynamic report creation with photos, logos, fonts
  • Updated 3-D graphics with contemporary gauges, selectable styles, colors and fonts
  • Graphical pattern runner display
  • Simplified pass/fail testing
  • Conditional alarm set points based on different test conditions
  • Text and email alerts for key parameter alarms
  • Add test step photo examples
  • Searchable data files
  • Fingertip dial adjuster (w/ existing mouse slides)
  • Easily customize display via simple drag-and place windows
  • Failure mode recording capability to assist in Product Quality Improvement efforts

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