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The first flowbench specifically designed for the OEM catalyst market.

The SF-1020 has long been the flowbench testing standard for OEMs around the world, but the system was engineered for lower volume, hobbyist airflow testing, not high-volume, in-line and end-of-line testing that many operations do today.

Introducing the SuperFlow 1020i; the first flowbench designed specifically for high-volume, industrial use. Built with a rigid steel frame, industrial grade components and OEM data acquisition integration in mind, facilities around the world can drastically improve testing efficiency and reduce long-term equipment costs with this product innovation from the engineers at SuperFlow. 

Industrial Grade Improvements

Fabricated Steel Frames and Components

The all-metal design of the SF-1020i is the most significant upgrade to OEM Flowbench testing in years. When used in a high volume, industrial setting, standard versions of the flowbench can be susceptible to heat and moisture damage, warping, and airflow leakage. This can result in systems that degrade over time, ultimately requiring maintenance and/or replacement components. The 1020i design eliminates these concerns and will guarantee accurate, high-volume testing for years into the future.

Industrial Blower Motor

The 1020i utilizes a single, 25Hp, industrial blower motor designed for high-volume use in harsh working environments. Standard flowbenches rely on the consistent performance of 14 smaller motors to accomplish similar functionality. The industrial motor is designed for longer life, higher efficiency and greater overall performance.

3-Phase Power; Compatible in Testing Installations Around the World

3-Phase power guarantees that the 1020i can be easily installed in any industrial setting around the world. Standard flowbenches rely on 10V power which requires conversion for industrial or international operation. The 1020i is designed for industrial use and features metric hardware, third-party CE certification and pre-wired E-step termination points.

Increase in Unit Exchange Efficiency

The mechanical actuation speed of the orifice on the 1020i has been increased by a multiple of approximately 7, allowing components can be swapped out in as little as 8 seconds. This accounts for significant efficiency improvements when accounting for hundreds of units tested every day. Data Acquisition and Control Systems Compatibility Data acquisition & control system on the 1020i is now an Industrial PLC. This allows for OEM’s to easily utilize existing embedded software for flowbench testing. Additionally, SuperFlow engineers can customize software and data acquisition patterns for OEM’s specific testing needs.

Cost Saving Considerations

The SF-1020i is a long-term testing solution, eliminating ongoing replacement of flowbench systems

In industrial settings, flowbenches needed to be torn down and rebuilt or replaced every 3 months. Aside from the substantial costs of new systems, labor, and replacement parts, this also results in significant downtime. Eliminating 1/2 day of downtime each quarter will essentially pay for the new 1020i within the first year.

  •  Test article exchange efficiency
  • Increased electrical power efficiency
  • Eliminates replacement system purchases
  • Reduction in parts & labor maintenance costs
  • Consistency in data acquisition & power considerations
  • Eliminates system downtime

Product Specifications

Calibration Test Pressure 25″ of water
Range 0-1,000 cfm
Intake Capacity 1,000 cfm @ 25″ of water
Power Requirements

Machine Power Options: 480 Volt 3-Phase, Single-Phase 60/60 HZ, 40 AMPS 380 Volt 3-Phase, Single-Phase 60/60 HZ, 40 AMPS

Control Power: 115V 15A

Weight 2,100 LBS. (963 KG)
Dimensions 50”(W) x 44”(L) x 34”(H)
(1270mm x 1118mm x 864mm)



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