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Data Acquisition & Control

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WinDyn® 5 Data Acquisition Software and Control Conversions

More often than not, older dynamometers are mechanically sound, but their data acquisition system is dated and slow. SuperFlow® will quickly upgrade the entire data acquisition and control system with modern technology to make the dyno perform like modern dynamometers, expand its functionality and increase your testing capabilities. Because SuperFlow Data Acquisition and Control Systems are extremely versatile they can also retrofit engine and chassis dynos from nearly any manufacturer. Depending on system, replacing your existing servo valve or eddy current controllers with our own we can control most manufacturers’ dyno accurately and precisely. With a data acquisition upgrade from SuperFlow you can have the legendary accuracy and repeatability that SuperFlow dynamometers are known for without having to replace all of the mechanical components of your existing dyno. A simple data acquisition upgrade is an easy way to increase the productivity and revenue possibilities of your dyno, for a fraction of the cost of a new system.

Product Specifications

Available for These SuperFlow Products

We’ve always taken pride in building machines to last. Fortunately for you we’ve done that, as many of our original 801 and 901 engine dynos are decades old and they’re still being used daily. Let us bring your existing SuperFlow dyno up to date with the latest WinDyn 5 Data Acquisition and Control System for a fraction of the cost of a new system. WinDyn 5 Conversion Kits are already available for the following SuperFlow dynamometers:

SuperFlow Engine Dyno

  • SF-901
  • SF-902
  • SF-3100
  • SF-3200
  • DTS Powermark
  • SF-3000BW (Black Widow)

Available for These Manufacturer’s Products

You may not own a SuperFlow dyno, but you’re not prohibited from the legendary accuracy, repeatability and control that SuperFlow dynos offer. We upgrade many different manufacturers’ dynos often. If you’re struggling with a dyno that does not repeat or if you want modern technology, contact SuperFlow to learn how affordable it is to upgrade your dyno with the latest WinDyn 5 Data Acquisition System and get results you can count on. Below are the dynamometers that we can currently upgrade, however, if your dyno is not listed please contact us; as it’s likely something we can do.

Other Manufacturer’s
Engine Dynos

  • Stuska
  • Power Test

Standard Equipment

Sensor Box

The SuperFlow Sensor Box features state of the art electronics to measure, condition and digitize high-resolution data and then broadcast it over an Ethernet network for live display in WinDyn 5. 139 input channels handle temperature, pressure lambda and several other third-party sensors or devices. The included real time weather station uses a barometric pressure transducer, air temperature sensor and humidity sensor to provide constant atmospheric updates to WinDyn 5 so it can apply the right correction factors (ECE, DIN, SAE, STP, etc.). The sensor box also handles closed loop PID (proportional, integral and differential) control for accurate loaded testing, its flexible dual-mode control scheme allows either the dyno or throttle to control to speed, torque, power and manifold pressure. Sophisticated logic lets each controller use up to four different control modes and parameter settings. The sensor box is modular, allowing for easy adaptation for various sensor configurations, including the addition of sensor panels and the incorporation of features such as OBDII and emissions measurement equipment. For convenience, the sensor box can be mounted in various configurations – mobile stand, wall mount or mounted on the boom for cleaner sensor wiring in the cell.

Control Console

SuperFlow’s control console features a new combined touch encoder and a redesigned manual throttle with easier actuation. Up to ten PID controllers with default load and throttle set up available on every system. Four push buttons allow for easier control of water pump, fuel pump, ignition and starter. Load is easily controlled by a combined touch encoder.

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