For important details regarding Covid-19

Status Update

April 20, 2020

The leadership team at SuperFlow realizes that we are facing a very unique situation with the COVID-19 virus. We want to reiterate that our focus is on our loyal Customers, our dedicated employees, and our communities at large.

The experts have painted a sobering picture for our nation. We are sure this is true for where ever you are located and reading this. We want to make it clear that SuperFlow is committed to “flattening the curve” and doing our part to overcome this global crisis.

With that said, our Colorado Springs office remains open in accordance with Colorado's 'Shelter in Place' orders. We will continue to do everything possible, within prevailing safe practices, to ensure our customers receive high-quality products and the level of technical service and support that they require.

Here are the steps we've taken to support our Customers, Employees and Communities during these times:

  • We moved about 90% of our Office, Sales and Service staff to remote working situations
  • The company has been divided into distinct groups to ensure business continuity
  • These groups are working out of self-contained areas and are divided by a 30-minute break between shifts to clean and sanitize our work spaces.
  • Financially, we have a company record backlog that we will continue to work on through August of this year. Leadtimes will continue to come down, quality will be a focus and capacity will open, especially for the 3rd and 4th quarters

Power Test, the parent company of SuperFlow, has been through three major economic dips in the last 19 years and keeps coming out stronger because we developed and executed our strategic and tactical plans. This situation will be no different. We thank you for choosing the Power Test family of brands: Super Flow, Pivotal Pumps, AIDCO, Stuska, Axiline, Hicklin, and TCRS. Please contact your Sales or Service representative if you have any questions or concerns.


Rick Ruzga


ATTN: European Customers

Power Test Industries, Inc. has acquired the assets of SuperFlow Technologies. Power Test Industries is owned by the Petelinsek family, the same family that founded and developed Power Test, Inc. of Sussex, WI. For more than 40 years Power Test has been a global manufacturer and supplier of dynamometers and test systems, principally to the heavy duty diesel industry. Power Test acquired Stuska Dynamometer in 2002 and has brought that product line to great success. Power Test Industries will retain the name SuperFlow on all of the performance products including engine, chassis and flow bench systems.

The current addition of SuperFlow Technologies adds several distinct product groups to the portfolio.

Power Test CEO, Alan Petelinsek, is working closely with existing leadership in Des Moines, IA and Colorado Springs, CO, to integrate best practices between the companies, share resources, and build upon the tremendous engineering and manufacturing synergies between these industry leaders. The first priority of Power Test Industries is to employ and develop a skilled staff of service technicians. Concurrently, efforts are being made to increase production efficiency and to advance product development.

For more than 20 years, SuperFlow Europe, a stand-alone, independently owned entity located in Belgium provided SuperFlow products and servicing. SuperFlow Europe was not acquired as part of the aforementioned transaction. Any claim against that business should be directed to them. Power Test Industries is recruiting contract sales and technical service personnel to support the growing marketing in Europe. For all new systems sales, service parts, and on-site services please direct your inquires to SuperFlow United States at 515.254.1654 or by email at or

The combined product groups of Power Test Industries now span the spectrum from single cylinder gas engine- powered vehicles and equipment through diesel- and gaseous-fueled equipment, vehicles, and vessels producing up to 10,000 horsepower. The combined competencies include water brake, eddy current, hydrostatic and AC resistive and regenerative systems. Each of these business units have vast experience in supplying and supporting their products to a global market.