SuperFlow Releases New WinDyn® 5 Data Acquisition and Control System

November 29, 2023

SuperFlow®, a pioneer in performance testing solutions, officially releases New WinDyn®5. WinDyn® is SuperFlow’s powerful dynamometer software that provides direct real-time access to all subsystems with sophisticated screen displays. The software is an integral part of SuperFlow’s complete test cell data acquisition and control system for dynamometer test equipment.

Building on years of performance testing experience, SuperFlow’s WinDyn 5 data acquisition and control system is easy to configure, run and analyze your dynamometer tests. Unlike other dynamometer data acquisition systems, WinDyn 5 proprietary software focuses on the user experience, offering complete user customizability.

The new WinDyn 5 system consists of a networked computer with single or multiple monitors, a state-of-the-art sensor box, a newly redesigned control console, a new configurable operator’s workstation and our powerful WinDyn dynamometer software. Below is a list of the key features.

  • User Customizable – Offers over 500 channels to measure and analyze data. The advanced electronics data recorder displays 100 lines per second. Pre-defined tests along with a user-friendly test editor to allow users to easily customize test runs.
  • Standard Testing – Can be performed at partial or wide-open throttle, including controlled acceleration, controlled deceleration, step, steady-state, and track lap, break-in and mapping.
  • State of the Art Sensor Box – Features electronics to measure, condition and digitize high-resolution data and then broadcast it over an Ethernet network for live display in WinDyn. Offers 139 input channels to handle temperature, pressure lambda and several other third-party sensors or devices. Closed loop PID (proportional, integral and differential) control provides accurate loaded testing, and the flexible dual-mode control scheme allows either the dyno or throttle to control to speed, torque, power and manifold pressure.
  • New Control Console – Newly designed control console features a new combined touch encoder and a redesigned manual throttle with easier actuation. Up to ten PID controllers with default load and throttle setup available on every system. Four push buttons allow for easier control of water pump, fuel pump, ignition and starter. Load is easily controlled by a touch encoder.
  • Configurable Operator’s Workstation – New redesigned operator’s workstation gives the operator the ability to control and configure their work environment to meet their testing needs. The new workstation offers several new features including a configurable ergonomic desk with larger desk space, powered adjustable desk height, built-in wire routing and power, and redesigned manual throttle with easier actuation.

“We understand the importance of providing a repeatable testing solution that is modular, flexible and ready to expand with our customer’s requirements. WinDyn 5 offers quick and easy test design and configuration, real-time data acquisition and display, and convenient test-data management, and reporting,” stated Larry Golding, General Manager Performance at SuperFlow.

With new advancements in data acquisition technology, WinDyn 5 prioritizes user satisfaction by providing extensive customization options and expanded functionality. The easy user configurability of WinDyn 5 software offers legendary accuracy and repeatability SuperFlow users have come to know to increase testing capabilities.

“As performance testing expectations continue to rise, we understand the importance of extremely accurate and repeatable performance tests, and take pride in creating test solutions that align with our customer requirements,” said Jim Miller, Chief Executive Officer. “We recognized a significant opportunity to apply our long-standing software development expertise and power testing technology to meet the needs of our customers in the performance racing industry.”

With the launch of WinDyn 5, SuperFlow has delivered an advanced data acquisition system that provides fast, customizable, accurate and repeatable test results.