SPOTLIGHT: Northwest Dyno Circuit

July 15, 2018

Q: For people who don’t know what the NWDC is, give me the elevator pitch… What details would you like me to share with our readership?

A: The Northwest Dyno Circuit is a company that specializes in producing Dyno events. We travel all over the country helping people put on events.

Q: You guys have single-handedly created a new form of diesel motorsports very quickly. What has been the key to your continued success?

A: Our main success is all of our amazing sponsors and event hosts who support what we do. In our region, a dyno event has been a normal thing for over 10 years. It was when we decided to make it an official sport that excelled the excitement.

Q: Where do you see NWDC in five years?

A: Our goal is to provide consistency to a sport that has been around for a while, but had no organization to set a standard. We hope to expand our services to the east coast by joining forces with many more great companies.

Q: You’ve owned two SuperFlow SF-849 chassis dynos now. What do you think are its best features?

A: The dyno as a whole. I’ve told SuperFlow plenty of times that they build these dynos too well! In the 12 years that we’ve had a SuperFlow dyno, we’ve only had them serviced maybe three times! Not to mention ours are mobile — these are not meant to be mobile, but stand up to the challenge perfectly!

Q: As an experienced dyno user, what aspects of the dyno and dyno company are most important to you?

A: Communication. With what we do, communication is key, and SuperFlow has always gone above and beyond with what they provide.

Q: What’s the most horsepower you’ve seen so far on the dyno?

A: On our newest dyno we have a Cummins that currently holds the diesel HP world record of 2400hp!

Q: Anything else you’d like to share about the dyno?

A: We’ve worked with plenty of dynos in our years of service. I can honestly tell you that if you want quality and something that you can depend on, then SuperFlow is what you want.