New Shift Consoles for Allison and Voith Transmissions

August 11, 2018

We are excited to announce the release of two new Hicklin heavy-duty transmission shift consoles for Voith and Allison transmission models. The new consoles provide shift control and diagnostics for the Voith DIWA .5 and .6 transmissions as well as the Allison Gen 4 and Gen 5 transmissions.

Hicklin heavy-duty transmission shift consoles give service centers the ability to control and test heavy-duty transmissions, flash transmission control modules (TCMs), code Calibration ID Numbers (CIN) and perform diagnostics on the TCM using OEM software and controls like the Voith Aladin and Allison DOC software packages. Hicklin shift consoles work with any Hicklin transmission dynamometer, other transmission test stands and by themselves to exercise the transmission on a bench or in a vehicle. Each console has the ability to hold multiple TCMs, up to four depending on the model.

Visit the product page for the full list of features and available applications. 

Customers with existing Voith or Allison control consoles from SuperFlow may be able to upgrade their existing consoles with the newly released applications. Contact SuperFlow at 888-442-5546 x131 or email for more information on any of SuperFlow’s range of transmission test and remanufacturing products.