R&R Performance Tests 10,000th Engine

April 29, 2019

Ron Quarnstrom, owner of R&R Performance, knows a thing or two about engine testing.  In April, after 32 years of engine building and tuning, he tested his 10,000th engine on a SF-902S Performance Engine Dynamometer. This past weekend, Ron celebrated the accomplishment at his facility in Spring Lake Park, MN with friends, customers, and representatives from SuperFlow onsite to tour the facility. Visitors were also audience to a number of pulls on the SuperFlow dyno with Ron showcasing its many applications in the engine building world.

“I started dynoing 32 years ago, April 11, 1987, and back then we didn’t know we’d get to 10,000 engines,” said Ron. “The dyno has been a good investment.”

With a SuperFlow dyno at the center, Mr. Quarnstrom has built quite a business at R&R Performance, an engine dyno and machine shop. The SF-902S gives shop owners the ability to charge for dyno operation, provide real-time data acquisition analysis, and deliver precision engine tuning on location.  With multiple revenue driving applications and significant cost-saving opportunities, customers are able to see a positive ROI within 2 years of purchase.  

Alan Petelinsek, owner of Power Test, Inc. and SuperFlow, was on hand to congratulate Ron and see the dyno in operation.

“10,000 engines over 32 years is an amazing accomplishment. It’s not just the engines, it’s the knowledge that he’s acquired over the years,” he said. “Ron shows what can be done with a dyno and with that passion that comes with the industry. This event is about the experience that he’s gained and the relationships that he’s built. We want to congratulate Ron, thank him for being a loyal customer of SuperFlow, and for giving us a taste of the knowledge he’s acquired over these 10,000 engines.”

When asked what’s next for R&R Performance, Ron was modest in targeting future milestones.

“I don’t know about going for 15,000, but I’ll be doing this for a while.”