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For more than four decades, the SuperFlow 900 series of dynamometers (SF-900, SF-901, SF-902) has served as the benchmark in the performance industry for conducting high-speed water brake engine dynamometer testing.

Our industry leading SF-902S is an ideal engine testing solution for OEM and high-performance automotive, marine, powersports, small aircraft and other high-speed engines. Designed to perform accurate and extremely repeatable performance tests for product development and engine calibration.

With the SF-902S, you can test all the critical power characteristics of your engines and not only measure power, but also characterize it across the entire engine speed range. When performing research and development, you can evaluate modifications one at a time, or as a complete system. When fine-tuning race engines, you can ensure the engine is “right” before it leaves the shop. Develop and test on the dyno. Race at the track.

Features and Standard Configuration

The SF-902S houses an absorber designed for high RPM and maximum durability. Our exclusive, low-inertia absorber is made of a cavitation-resistant aluminum/bronze alloy, which has over 20 times the life expectancy of an all-aluminum absorber. It uses an outlet-control servo valve for the quickest response times. This is the fastest responding water brake absorber on the market.

PTFE Teflon water seals and high speed ABEC 7 bearings allow the new absorber to run at high RPM for extended testing periods without issue. The stainless-steel trunnion and backing plate provide a 75% increase in resistance to cavitation compared to mild steel design of previous models.

In addition to the water seals, high speed bearings and stainless-steel components the absorber in the SF-902S includes a Hall Effect speed sensor for improved RPM resolution. WinDyn pre-defined test sequences allow for standard tests at the push of a button for fast implementation. Live trace feature provides live data as a trace over a saved reference plot.

  • Fully automated testing for simple operation for repeatability
  • Space saving frame offers convenient tool tray and two stand mounted starter buttons to make lashing valves easy
  • Control console to manage test, engine and test cell equipment all from the operator station
  • 500 data acquisition channels – user configurable to meet any application
  • Modular sensor box with expansion panel system to easily add sensors as your testing needs change
  • Integrated boom assembly houses sensor box and cooling tower, plus cable stays to route transducer wires cleanly between the sensor box and the engine keeping test cell neat and organized

Product Specifications

Power and Torque
Absorber Type Water brake
Maximum Speed 15,000 rpm
Horsepower Capacity 1,500+ hp (1,119 kW)
Torque Capacity 1,200+ lb-ft. (1,627 Nm)
Water Requirements
Required 10 gallons per minute (gpm) for each 100 hp
(75.5 kW) produced by the engine at a minimum pressure of 35 psi while free flowing (5 lpm per 10 kW at 2.4 bar)
Stand Sensor Compliment Includes
Temperature (1) One: (16) Sixteen-channel thermocouple panel
(12) Twelve: Closed tip thermocouples, .125 in (.3175 cm) diameter x 4 in (101 mm) long probe with 5 ft. (152 cm) lead, 0° to 2,000°F (-17.8° – 1,093°C)
(12) Twelve: Swagelock fittings
(12) Twelve: 10 ft (3.048 m) extension cables
Pressure (1) One: (10) Ten-Channel pressure panel
(3) Three: Transducers included standard (-15 to 150 psi, 1-10 bar)
Air / Fuel (2) Two: Pre-configured analog inputs (Lambda/AFR)
Fuel Flow (2) Two: Fuel flow measurement turbines 2-80 gallons (7.5- 302 l) per hour (Gasoline) each
Typical Shipping Dimensions and Weights
Crate 1 of 2 462 lb (210 kg), 35 X 66 X 46 in (89 x 168 x 117 cm)
Crate 2 of 2 1,268 lb (575 kg), 53 X 88 X 69 in (135 x 224 x 176 cm)

Data Acquisition & Control

Product Options

Product Options


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