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The SF-Powermark engine dynamometer showcases a rugged, nickel bronze alloy power absorption unit with a 2 in (5 cm) stainless steel diameter main shaft for maximum durability and long life, even in the most demanding testing conditions. The Powermark was designed to test very high-output engines used in motorsports competition, up to 2500+Hp at speeds up to 15,000 RPM.

This heavy-duty, high-capacity water brake engine dyno will perform accurate, repeatable, automated engine tests with rapid testing throughput. The versatility and durability of the SF-Powermark makes it the dyno of choice for drag racing, circle track, large cubic inch marine applications, or any other application requiring both high speed power and lower speed torque absorption.

Features and Standard Configuration

The Powermark dynamometer is built with integrated starters which eliminates the need for a bell-housing or engine mounted starter. A special compliant driveshaft that absorbs the torsional vibrations of the engine allows for coupling to the dynamometer directly to the engine’s crankshaft or flywheel. The driveshaft’s 4.5 in (114 mm) constant velocity (CV) joints ensure smooth power transfer.

Precise control of the water equates to precise closed-loop load and speed control of the engine. SuperFlow designed an exclusive dual water valve strategy for the Powermark. Stainless steel absorber inlet and outlet valves with high speed stepper motors control the water flow in and out the Powermark’s exclusive cross vented bronze rotors and stators. The dual valve control allows the water brake to respond quickly to abrupt load changes such as nitrous oxide “hit” or steep rise in engine volumetric efficiency (VE) from a turbo or supercharger and it increases overall system torque absorbing capacity.

  • Complete engine testing system includes dynamometer stand, engine docking cart, operator station & console, throttle control, thermostatically controlled engine cooling column, WinDyn data acquisition and software, Dynamometer PC, multiple monitors and color printer
  • Durable industrial grade construction and components for reliable trouble free operation
  • Test stand located large tool tray also convenient area to mount ECM/ignition systems
  • Automated tests for simple operation and extreme repeatability
  • Bi-directional operation – with unique cross vented rotor design for equal capacity in either direction
  • Boom system to mount sensor box, manage sensor cables, weather station and mount the cooling column neatly in the test cell
  • 139 data acquisition channels – user configurable to meet any application
  • Pre-scripted standard tests like acceleration sweeps, step and steady state tests, and engine break-in test cycles
  • Modular sensor box with expansion panel system to easily add sensors as testing needs change over the life of the dyno

Product Specifications

Power and Torque
Absorber Type Water brake, bi-directional
Maximum Speed 15,000 rpm
Horsepower Capacity 2,500+ hp (1,864 kW)
Torque Capacity 1,750+ lb-ft. (2,373 Nm)
Water Requirements
Required 10 gallons per minute (gpm) for each 100 hp (75.5 kW) produced by the engine at a minimum pressure of 60-90* psi (4.1- 6.2 bar) *application specific
Stand Sensor Compliment Includes
Temperature (1) One: (16) Sixteen-channel thermocouple panel
(12) Twelve: Closed tip thermocouples, .125 in (.3175 cm) diameter x 4 in (101 mm) long probe with 5 ft. (152 cm) lead, 0° to 2,000°F (-17.8° – 1,093°C)
(12) Twelve: Swagelock fittings
(12) Twelve: 10 ft (3.048 m) extension cables
Pressure (1) One: (10) Ten-Channel pressure panel
(3) Three: Transducers included standard (-15 to 150 psi, 1-10 bar)
Air / Fuel (2) Two: Pre-configured analog inputs (Lambda/AFR)
Fuel Flow (2) Two: Fuel flow measurement turbines 2-80 gallons (7.5- 302 l) per hour (Gasoline) each
Typical Shipping Dimensions and Weights
Crate 1 of 2 462 lb (210 kg), 35 x 66 x 46 in (89 x 168 x 117 cm)
Crate 2 of 2 1,900 lb (862 kg), 52 x 87 x 60 in (132 x 221 x 152 cm)

Data Acquisition & Control

Product Options

Product Options


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