Custom Transmission Dynamometers

Hicklin Engineering designs and manufactures heavy-duty transmission dynamometers for on and off-highway transmissions as well as custom cross-drive transmission dynos and other custom heavy-duty driveline test equipment.

The Hicklin® EDECT 150 and EDECT 300 transmission dynamometers are designed for heavy-duty transmission testing, including all inline, v-drive and angle drive configurations. The EDECT will test the entire family of Allison® transmissions, Dana/Spicer®, Voith®, ZF®, and Renk® transmissions plus many military and off-road applications like CAT® and Clark® The EDECT accommodates all sizes of off-highway power shift and manual shift transmissions including drop-box and remote mounted configurations.

Hicklin Engineering also designs and manufactures custom engineered transmission dynamometers for extreme duty and cross drive transmissions. Our engineers will take a complicated test procedure and design a machine to match it using the proper drive and load technologies for a given application and budget.

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Custom Transmission Dynamometers

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