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A notable history and a bright future.

SuperFlow is a global engineering leader in the design and manufacture of driveline test and remanufacturing equipment. Our history of producing well engineered, affordable solutions to complicated testing problems dates back to the 1950s and we’re proud to continue that tradition today almost sixty years later.

Here is the history of how we got here and looking forward to another sixty years!


Hicklin GM Diesel formed as a Detroit Diesel Allison distributor serving the Midwest from their main location in Des Moines, IA.


Hicklin was searching for a transmission test stand to improve the quality of their remanufactured transmissions. After searching for and finding nothing, they put their team of engineers to work designing their own.


SuperFlow Corporation began when founder Neal Williams designed and built a product known as a flowbench at that time to improve the efficiency of the cylinder heads on his formula racer.


SuperFlow Corporation released the world's first computerized engine dynamometer.


Torque Converter Rebuilding Systems (TCRS) began when founder John 'Corky' Myers developed a remanufacturing system for torque converters.


Hicklin Engineering, a spin-off company of Hicklin GM Diesel, was formed to manufacture and market transmission dynamometers based on the model they had developed for their own use.


SuperFlow Corporation redefined the computerized engine dynamometer industry with WinDyn, the first Windows compatible dynamometer software.


Hicklin Engineering develops the first electric motor powered transmission dynamometer in the industry, the Hicklin EDECT.


Hicklin Engineering purchases the assets of Axiline Precision Products of Green Bay, Wisconsin. Axiline at the time was the leading manufacturer of light-duty transmission dynamometers and solenoid testers as well as driveline service products known as Shaftmaster.


Hicklin Engineering purchases the assets of TCRS


Hicklin Engineering purchases the assets of SuperFlow Corporation


Hicklin Engineering is renamed SuperFlow Technologies Group and products are then marketed as brands under their formed company names.


SuperFlow purchases the assets of Schaffer Test Products


SuperFlow purchases the assets of Recreational Equipment Company (REMCO)


SuperFlow purchases the assets of Zoom Technologies


SuperFlow purchases the assets of DTS Dynamometer and immediately hires the engineering, sales, service and production staff of DTS to continue manufacturing their extremely durable water brake engine dynamometer, the Powermark.


SuperFlow sells the Remco and Shaftmaster product lines to focus on continued advancement of their core dynamometer and driveline remanufacturing product lines.


SuperFlow was acquired by Power Test Industries in Sussex, WI along with Hicklin, Axiline, and TCRS.