2020 Trade Shows are cancelled so let SuperFlow bring them to you...

Trade Show Update


Trade Shows have been cancelled for 2020 and we are disappointed as you are. BUT, in anticipation of this reality, we have been working hard to create a new-to-the-world virtual booth for our devoted Customers. You will hear more about this in the next weeks, but look for:

  1. Live streaming content with industry experts
  2. Demonstrations with service techs of our equipment
  3. Live chat with Sales and Service staff to discuss industry needs and innovations
  4. Watch as some of the most popular SuperFlow and DYNOMite products are being built
  5. the coolest opportunity the industry has ever experienced – YOUR chance to interact with our Innovation team to finalize versions of software and controls

SuperFlow views this year as an opportunity to engage with you in ways we haven't been able to in the past. Please visit our show page to register for additional information as it becomes available.


Engine Dynamometers

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Prove it with the SF-4000HD, SuperFlow’s first 4000HP engine dynamometer.

Prove it with the SF-4000HD, SuperFlow’s first 4000HP engine dynamometer. We’ve listened to our customers who have asked repeatedly over the years for a test stand that could compete with the rising horsepower of today’s engines. Through advanced in-house engineering, design, fabrication, and production, SuperFlow has delivered the industry’s first complete testing solutions for high horsepower engines.

The SF-4000HD dynamometer system has been developed for customers that require an affordable solution for testing high speed diesel, gasoline, and alternative fuel engines. With a new stronger dyno shaft (w/splined coupler), a rigid, robust frame design, and a water brake based on the legendary SuperFlow design, SF-4000HD provides reliable testing for 4000HP engines at speeds up to 12,000 RPM. The larger pump and water circuits handle the increased water needed to load even the largest of power engines. Bigger bearings, new high RPM seals, easy access servicing, and plenty of other features helps this dyno set the standard for excellence in high horsepower testing.

Complete with WinDyn Data Acquisition & Control Software and utilizing a Stuska XS-211-HD water brake, the SF-4000HD makes testing easier than ever before. With one system, direct from one supplier, modernize your testing capabilities and completely transform your shop. Where the other dynos begin to fail, the SF-4000HD is just getting started.

Product Specifications

Standard Configuration
Temperature 16-channel thermocouple panel
12 closed tip thermocouples, 1/8″
12 swagelock fittings
12 ten foot extension cables
Pressure 10-channel pressure panel
3 transducers (-15 to 150 psi)
Air / Fuel 2 pre-configured analog inputs
Fuel Flow 2 fuel flow measurement turbines
Air Flow 1 air flow measurement turbine


Absorber Type Water brake
Maximum Speed 12,000 RPM
Horsepower Capacity 4,000 hp (2,237 kW)
Torque Capacity 2,626 lb.-ft (3,390 Nm)

Data Acquisition & Control


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