The SF-TrackMaster dynamometer system offers exceptional engine testing capabilities with proven water brake technology and a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use, data acquisition package. The heart of […]


Prove it with the SF-4000HD, SuperFlow’s first 4000HP engine dynamometer. We’ve listened to our customers who have asked repeatedly over the years for a test […]


The SF-Powermark engine dyno features a rugged and durable power absorption unit with a 2” diameter main shaft machined from solid stock 17-4PH stainless steel […]

Axiline 84000

The Axiline 84000 Automotive Transmission Test Stand presents the perfect manual-shift dynamometer for light as well as heavy-duty truck transmissions.  The 84000 uses a 40 […]


The first flowbench specifically designed for the OEM catalyst market. The SF-1020 has long been the flowbench testing standard for OEMs around the world, but […]


The handheld controller gives the operator full control of the dynamometer and the test sequence from the driver’s seat.  The controller is housed in a […]

WinDyn CAN Control

SuperFlow’s innovative WinDyn CAN Control (WCC) system adds optional Mechatronic control to the VBT 8000. WCC simulates the vehicle’s CAN network so the TCM can […]

Throttle Actuator

Rotary electric throttle control provides automated testing from computer. Morse cable options also available.

Temperature Sensor Expansion Kits

Expand your sensor box with a 16-channel thermocouple panel for Type K, Type J or Type T thermocouples. Monitor oil and water temperatures live in […]

Tailpipe Air Fuel Probe

SuperFlow tailpipe exhaust probes measure the air/fuel ratio directly from tailpipe. Tailpipe probes integrate with WinDyn for live monitoring and easy post test graphing and […]


Starter option for the SF-902S includes 8” spacer box and 2 hight torque starters.

Solenoid Block Adapter

Add functionality to your VBT 8000 with the Solenoid Block Adapter. Test both hydraulic and electronic function of on/off solenoids, Pulse-Width Modulated (PWM) solenoids and […]

RTS Tooling Pressure Differential Valves

RTS Tooling’s Pressure Differential (PD) Valves measure pressure differentials in the valve flow area without obstructing the flow path of the air being tested. This […]

Relay Box

Relay enclosure for up to 32 programmable user-defined relays. Commonly used to control lights, pumps, water systems, emergency stop and fire safety systems.

Ramp Kits

Aluminum ramp kits are available for above ground installations. The 36” wide ramp is available in 72” or 94” lengths to accommodate low profiles and […]

Pressure Sensor Expansion Panels

The modular sensor box allows for additional 10-channel pressure panels and additional 16-channel temperature panels. Extra transducers are sold separately.

Power Indexing

Power indexing enables operators to rotate transmissions to any angle for easy access, without having to drain the fluid.

Port Flow Analyzer

Windows®–based flowbench software lefts you analyze, graph and print airflow data from your PC

Output Torque

Optional load cell to measure static or dynamic torque.

Optical Wheel Tachometer

SuperFlow’s® optical wheel tachometer reads wheel speed using an infrared beam and reflective tape. It features a magnetic base for secure mounting to any AutoDyn™ […]