The first flowbench specifically designed for the OEM catalyst market. The SF-1020 has long been the flowbench testing standard for OEMs around the world, but […]


The handheld controller gives the operator full control of the dynamometer and the test sequence from the driver’s seat.  The controller is housed in a […]

WinDyn CAN Control

SuperFlow’s innovative WinDyn CAN Control (WCC) system adds optional Mechatronic control to the VBT 8000. WCC simulates the vehicle’s CAN network so the TCM can […]

Throttle Actuator

Rotary electric throttle control provides automated testing from computer. Morse cable options also available.

Temperature Sensor Expansion Kits

Expand your sensor box with a 16-channel thermocouple panel for Type K, Type J or Type T thermocouples. Monitor oil and water temperatures live in […]

Tailpipe Air Fuel Probe

SuperFlow tailpipe exhaust probes measure the air/fuel ratio directly from tailpipe. Tailpipe probes integrate with WinDyn for live monitoring and easy post test graphing and […]


Starter option for the SF-902S includes 8” spacer box and 2 hight torque starters.

Solenoid Block Adapter

Add functionality to your VBT 8000 with the Solenoid Block Adapter. Test both hydraulic and electronic function of on/off solenoids, Pulse-Width Modulated (PWM) solenoids and […]